about us

What we do

We've built a system and marketplace that enables people who spend, people who do business, and people who do fundraising, to engage at a transactional level for mutual benefit and, in so doing, generate a social currency that can seamlessly and transparently be passed onto organisations that are doing goood for people and planet.


Because doing goood for people and planet should be easy and seamlessly fit within our lifestyle and across our business practices.

And because the purchase decisions we make today determine the type of world we live in tomorrow.

And because Businesses, Charities and community groups currently compete for an available dollar. What’s more, Businesses and Charities spend a lot of money doing this. Collaboration, for mutual benefit, we believe, is a better option.

And we also believe that people inherently want to do goood.


By connecting our system to the growing number of API’s available across payments, banking and loyalty that enables us to apply a gooodspend to all types of purchase decisions and everyday transactions.

Make goood happen

Whether you're a person who spends, a person that does business, or a person that does fundraising, we'd love you to join us and in so doing help build a marketplace that turns purchase decisions and everyday transactions into so much more.