Cash Rewards

Our goal is to provide business owners, such as yourself, a suite of sales and marketing tools to help you to drive incremental sales and to get new customers.

To get things rolling, we've created a simple tool that enables you to incentivise GooodSpenders to spend with you by offering them an after sale 'thanks for spending with me' cash reward, that they can share with their favourite community fundraisers or registered charities.

We've got plenty of new and repeat customer cash reward 'triggers' in the pipleline to help you grow your business and drive your incremental sales.

For now we have two very simple triggers in place to help you, and us, get a feel of how best to leverage off our current capabilities:

  1. minimum spend before your cash reward is triggered, and

  2. being able to cap your cash reward

Please fill out and submit the following form and we will put these GooodTriggers in place which you'll be able to measure via your dashboard.