goood transactions

Goood connections spends - what to expect

Our Goood Connections product enables you to connect your bank accounts to your Goood Account so that you can generate in-store and additional online Cash Rewards using your 'front of wallet' (or mobile phone for that matter) cards.

Once your bank provides us with the transactaction details relating to a Goood Connections spend made at one of our Reward Partners, it will take up to twelve hours to be displayed in your dashboard showing, amongst other things, the Cash Reward you have generated. If you click on the transaction description you will see the break down of the cash reward to reflect your current 'Splits'.

Goood Affiliates Spends - what to expect

Payments made to our online Affiliate Reward Partners will show up in your dashboard not long after you've made your purchase. It can, however, take anywhere between 7 and 90 days before the Rebate/Cash Reward is authorised by the Reward Partner. Until that time it will show as 'Pending'.

Once the Rebate/Cash Reward has been cleared  the 'Pending' status will change to 'Confirmed' - meaning the Cash Reward has been collected from the Reward Partner and reconciled against your current 'Splits'. Like Goood Connection spends, you can click on the description to see additional transaction details.

If for some reason the payment is not cleared, for example the item purchased is returned, the 'Pending' status will change to 'Void'.

PLEASE REACH OUT to us at any stage should you have a query regarding any transactions you have made.