Displaying Your Name

Where your name and other personal information is displayed

The personal information we collect from our members is:

  1. First and Last Names

  2. Email Address

  3. Postcode

  4. Mobile Phone Number

  5. READ ONLY transaction details (eg. 2020-07-17 Visa Purchase 15Jul Iga West Pymble West Pymb -8.99 Steven Holland...that's me, the 'author' 🙂 ) associated with the linked transaction account(s), which we use to generate in-store and non-affiliate partner online GooodSpends

Presently, no one other than our administrators have access to this information, which we utilise to help keep members informed about what's going on within our community and to manage/respond to issues should they arise.

We will, in the coming months, make this information available, with the members acknowledgement and permission, to businesses and beneficiaries that are a part of our community. We do this as a way of enhancing the relationship between people who spend + businesses + beneficiaries for mutual benefit and collabrative opportunities.

There are a number of places across the platform where your name can be displayed both publicly and privately:

  1. The public display of your name:

    • The beneficiary fundraising pages showing that you have fundraised for them and the amount you have contributed

  2. The private display of your name:

    • Each Merchant Dashboard that you spend with and includes the purchase amount and cash reward value

    • Each Beneficiaries Dashboard that you have fundraised for and includes the total amount you have contributed

    • The Association Dashboard if the Merchant you spent with or the Beneficiary you fundraised for is part of a group of Merchants (for example a shopping centre, a brand or a franchise) and which may also include one, or more, Beneficiaries

Why we display it

Simple - to make GooodPay more personable!

Choosing how you want your name to be displayed

There are four options to how you name is displayed:

  1. First name Last Name

  2. First Name only (which is our default in how your name is displayed)

  3. Anonymous Supporter

  4. Custom Alias

How to change your displayed name

Log into your Goood Account > click your first name top right of screen > click My Profile > select how you want to display your name > fill in your Custom Alias if this is your option > click Submit